Unnamed species
General Information
Habitat jungle
Sapience Level sapient
Species Origin 6th or 7th planet of Decanthe System
Behind the Scenes
Universe Zagubieni
Created by Marcin Mortka

An unnamed species native to 6th or 7th planet of Decanthe System.

Description Edit

It was cat-like specie moving on 4 legs with 3 eyes, wings and sucker on end of their tail, that was able to adhere to the surface, including the ceiling.

This species life on 6th or 7th jungle planet of Decanthe System. They never created culture, tools or language (however where able to learn this). They have a loud and penetrating scream.

They were incorrectly classified as non-sapient species by Human scientist and later sell as pets. In 2313, on of representatives of this race, Głuszek, because of his speech abilities and cat-like body became celebrity on Earth with own talk show and published books. After that species was classified as sapient.

Gallery Edit

Appearances Edit

  • 2013: Zagubieni. Inwazja by Marcin Mortka
  • 2014: Zagubieni. Zwiad by Marcin Mortka
  • 2016: Zagubieni. Misja ratunkowa by Marcin Mortka
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