General Information
Homeworld Fyra
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alien Racers

Fyrans are a sapient humanoid species.

Biology Edit

Fyrans are a green-skinned humanoid race. They possess white pupil-less eyes and green slick tentacles that grow from the backs of their skulls.

Culture and society Edit

The Fyrans are regarded as the most mechanically gifted species in the universe.

History Edit

The Fireons were once attacks by the Kragnans who consumed several of members of them. In doing so they gained the knowledge to build their space vessels.

The Fyrans collaborated with the Zenterrans to create a containment chamber to control the Xeno-energy discharges from Xenoc. The project succeeded and led to the creation of the Alien Races. Before the initiation of the Alien Races, the Kragnans, eager to exploit the uses of Xeno-energy and its secrets, kidnapped two Fireons, Jek and his uncle.

Appearances Edit

  • Alien Racers, s01e01, "Power Shift, First Gear" (2005)
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