The Fuzzle is really different from others Glooples. It seems to be an advanced form of Biter.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

First, a Fuzzle displays intelligence. It can chase enemies without being spotted, and attack them when they let their guard down. It's also faster and stronger than a Biter.

Its skin is covered with fur, like a mammal. The fur acts like an armour, providing some protection. Fire, acid, or insistent damage can destroy this protection, leaving the Fuzzle without defense, but only temporarily: its high metabolism would regrow the fur in a matter of seconds. While without defense, a Fuzzle will stay away from its enemy, but without losing sight of it: after the fur regrows, it will chase again the target.

Lastly, a Fuzzle has a functionally mandible, like those on a Xenomorph's tongue, only bigger. It's strong enough to take chunk of meat from a man.

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