General Information
Homeworld Acmetropolis
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Loonatics Universe

The Fuz-Z are a species of creatures that emerged from the depths of Acmetropolis after the 2772 meteor impacted the planet.

Physiology Edit

Fuz-Z Mutant

The Fuz-Z are a small spherical bodied creatures, with large eyes, and a long rat like tail. They are peaceful and friendly creatures thriving on companionship making them perfect pets. However due to Professor Zane's genetic tampering the Fuz-Z suffer sever mutational transformations when consuming large amounts of chocolate, though the effects temporary and proportional to the amount of consumption. In their transformed state they become hulking three-eyed, massive six limb arachnid monsters. Contrary to their natural state, they are aggressive and adversarial to all that cross their path.

History Edit

The Fuz-Z were introduced to Acmetropolis as popular biopets, sold by the jovial Professor Zane. Though small and cute after the Fuz-Zs consumed chocolate they become mutant monsters attacking anything they see.

These mutants attracted the attention of the Loonatics who investigated and discovered that the biopets were life forms released by the 2772 meteor. When Professor Zane found them he conducted experiments on them so that he may take revenge on Acmetropolis Science Council. After Professor Zane was captured and the Fuz-Z taken into custody, the Loonatics transported the creatures back to their underground habitat where they can live peacefully.

Sources Edit

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Attack of the Fuzz Balls


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