Furnace Alien
General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe World Reader Universe

This species was an alien race that appeared in the World Reader Universe.

Physiology Edit

The species was an orange skinned humanoid race.

History Edit

This species evolve on a rocky planet living beneath the planet's surface called the Furnace. One alien dedicated his life to creating something that would last an eternity and rose through the race's social hierarchy to create the Towers of Fire, becoming the ruler of the planet. The being desired to build something beyond him and as he looked up into the stars he wondered if there were others in the universe like him seeking more.

However the Towers placed a strain on the planet geothermal balance causing a cataclysmic. The entire species was wiped out from the extinction event.

A being known as the Fading Man came and claimed the souls of the dead, save for the leader of the world. Whether as a punishment or seeing him a kindred spirit, the entity left the alien alone as a ghost to haunt the world he killed.

Culture Edit

The crowning achievement of this race was the Towers of Fire, great spires that were pulled from the heart of the planet and the only remaining legacy of this species.

Source Edit

  • World Reader 002 (2017)
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