Alien Species
""Furling. Sounds cute and fuzzy to me.""
―Jack O'Neill

Furlings are an advanced mysterious alien race and members of the Alliance of Four Great Races. Very little is known about them, except that they, along with the AncientsAsgards and the Noxs work together in an alliance.


The Furlings never made an exact physical appearance, therefore they outward form remains unknown however there are some theories on what they're like; according to Colonel O'Neil concluding from their species' name, being and fuzzy, while with Gordie Lowe who thinks that Furlings must cute and cuddly creatures as a hint from the solely sound of their name being "Furling" and that sound as cute as Ewoks.



  • In SG1: 200, the Furlings are described as furry kola bear-like mammals that appear similar to Star Wars' Ewoks. However, it was only a portray by Martin Lloyd for his script.
  • In Stargate SG1 season 6 episode Paradise Lost, a Furling skeleton was originally going to make an appearance but get pulled.