Fulmini Warriors
General Information
Homeworld Fulmas
Body Type Humanoid
Diet Unknown
Racial Abilities Electrokinesis
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10

The Fulminis are a silicon-based species from the planet Fulmas.

Biology Edit

Fulmini are made entirely of blue energy, and are reinforced by grey rock armor. They have a green moss-like pattern near the top of their bodies. While under the influence of their leader, the High Override, their bodies become lilac and their eyes become red.

Omnitrix Transformation Edit

The Omnitrix's Fulmini representative is named Shock Rock, who first appeared in the reboot episode "The 11th Alien: Part 1". He was originally unlocked after Ben upgraded the Omnitrix using Upgrade in "Omni-Tricked: Part 4".


Notes Edit

  • As shown in the opening for Season 2, Shock Rock has replaced Upgrade in the active playlist.
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