Alien Species

The Frutmaka evolved near a black hole—their beloved god Graveesha — on the same planet that gave birth to the Swaparamans. Long ago they drove the Swaparamans from their mutual home world—they saw the Swaparamans as a threat to their beliefs and their way of life.

The Frutmaka move with glacial slowness. They are near-sessile fungal animals that obtained high intelligence early in their evolution. Their frustration at being fully aware and helpless while they were eaten alive by predators gave way to the development of a latent telekinetic ability. No one knows when it was that a Frutmaka first lashed out with its mind at its tormentors, but modern Frutmaka have a formidable ability to teleport objects with the force of their wills.

They are able to combine their ability, and when massed together they can teleport large objects across huge distances. The Frutmaka believe that Graveesha gave them the power to teleport objects for the purpose of making sacrifices. They will occasionally teleport enemies to Graveesha to maintain harmony with their god. It is not known precisely what happens to the victims of Graveesha.

Starting Narrative[]

You are the High Prelate of Graveesha. It is Graveesha's will that the Frutmaka spread to the stars. You must guide the Frutmaka to form ships, to cause the substance of your planet to coalesce and shape itself into space vessels.
Do not let your guard down. The universe is full of those in aimless motion, those who take action with the crude, repugnant grasp of their bodily parts. History has proven that the Frutmaka cannot trust these. Only the Frutmaka live in enlightenment. Only the Frutmaka truly follow Graveesha's example of perfect stillness. Only the Frutmaka bear the gift of pure action.

Special Ability[]

Teleporters: The Frutmaka are able to repel. You can warp alien ships out of your colonies' stars.