Frost Demons
General Information
Other Names Changeling, Ice-jin, Icen, Arcosian, Frieza's race
Homeworld Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Height 5 to 10 feet, depending on form
Diet Wine, Humans[1], shellfish (either omnivore or carnivore)
Sapience Level Sapient
Language ??
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dragon Ball Universe

Notable Members Edit

  • King Cold - Apparent king of Frieza's race
  • Cooler - King Cold's oldest known son
  • Frieza - King Cold's youngest known and by far his most spoiled son
  • Fake Frieza - Frieza's scapegoat
  • Kuriza - Frieza's son
  • Chilled - The member of the race who originally discovered Planet Plant.
  • Meta-Cooler - robotic copies of Cooler created by the Big Gete Star
  • Froze - the hero member of the race
  • Berserker (Frieza's race) - the berserker member of the race
  • Elite (Frieza's race) - the elite member of the race
  • Deita - a member of the Gadget Super Lovers
  • Frost - The Emperor of Universe 6 and Three times winner of the Universal Peace Prize.


Notes Edit

  • Frieza's race are first witnessed in the Frieza Saga.
  • Their lifespan is known to be longer than that of humans, as Frieza did not visibly age over 25 years and is at least 70 (generally assumed to be a few centuries old) by the time he arrives on Namek, meaning that King Cold is at the very least a century old.
  • Fan names include Changeling, Icejin, Icer, Icen, and Frost Demon, and it is possible that the races official name is Arcosian.
  • A Character named Jiora from one Akira Toriyama's lesser known series, Cashman - Saving Soldier, bears a large resemblance to Frieza's race's true form.
  • In the Malaysian dub of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, Frieza's race is named as Glaeris.
Jiora 4th Form


Jiora and his SpeciesEdit

Jiora is a character from Cashman - Saving Soldier and is from planet Biretojin, many of Toriyama's works reference each other and sometimes take place in the same continuity (as Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, and Nekomajin do). Jiora heavily resembles a member of Frieza's race and has the ability to take on other peoples forms.

Jiora himself appears to be in the fourth form of Frieza's race if he is in fact one.


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