Alien Species

The Froma are a race originating from the planet Chize, in the Delee system of the Milky Way Galaxy.


The race developed into large-bodied (averaging 7'6" tall), green skinned humanoids via gamma radiation emitted by their sun. They apparently breathe a non-earth-like atmosphere, and can levitate psionically.

Culture & History[]

They are dominated by corporations and cartels, the Froma once sent out a scouting part to Earths moon to evaluate earth's potential for colonization. Learning of a planned flight to the moon, four agents - Edam, Gouda, Colby, and Havarti - were sent to the USA to destroy the rocket to prevent their base's discovery.

Iron Man (Tony Stark) discovered and drove off the four Froma. Years later, Edam and Gouda were intergalactic prisoners banished to earth as part of "Maximum Security", a plot to occupy humanity to prevent its extension into space. They would then come into conflict with the Punisher (Frank Castle)