Alien Species
Azerothian Frenzy
Universe WarCraft
Homeworld Azeroth (Exported to Draenor)
Average Length Varies by species
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Frenzies are voracious ichthyoid found mostly in tropical regions on their homeworld of Azeroth. Truly opportunistic predators, these toothy "fish" will attack any prey they come across. They can locate creatures underwater within a thirty-foot radius by sight. This ability, of course, only works when the frenzy is underwater; it is unknown how well they can see outside of water, although should a potential prey item flee the wet expanses of their habitat they will generally lose sight of them thanks to the surface of the water's silvery gleam. A frenzy can also notice creatures by scent in a 180-foot radius and detect blood in the water at ranges of up to a mile, much like a shark.

In recent times two species have been discovered existing around Zangarmarsh, an area in the remains of the former planet, Draenor. Considering that this area has become infested with Naga, which are indigenous to Azeroth themselves, it is most likely that they brought the Frenzies found there with them when they escaped alongside their new master, Illidan Stormrage, to form the Illidari.


  • Canal Frenzy
  • Coastal Frenzy
  • Coilfang Frenzy
  • Hooktooth Frenzy
  • Lake Frenzy
  • Loch Frenzy
  • Muck Frenzy
  • Mudfin Frenzy
  • Reef Frenzy
  • Underbog Frenzy
  • Sawfin Frenzy
  • Sharptooth Frenzy
  • Whitetail Frenzy