Fractaroni spaghetti worm
General Information
Homeworld Unspecified cybercosm
Habitat 4-D virtual reality
Length Millions of km
Weight N/A
Locomotion Flying
Diet White hole energy/phototroph
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm Universe

Fractaroni spaghetti worms are a species of 4-dimensional, virtual-reality entities inhabiting a simulated reality created by the Technorapture Hypernation.

Description Edit

Anatomy Edit

Fractaroni spaghetti worms are enormous, tubeworm-like creatures, with fractally branching bodies. They vary widely in size, but the largest can reach up to tens of millions of kilometers in length. The largest parts of their bodies are hollow, and often host entire ecosystems of smaller creatures inside them.

Diet Edit

Fractaroni feed off the energy emitted by the white holes that are their home reality's version of stars, doing so by wrapping their bodies around them.

Intelligence Edit

Due to the increased connectivity allowed by their fourth spatial dimension, Fractaroni are transapients of the second toposophic level.

Technology Edit

Fractaroni spaghetti worms have developed a physical "avatar" into which they download their minds when they need to interact with the real world. These neogen bodies are immensely large spacecraft shaped like three-dimensional versions of the worms' bodies.

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