Fractal Guardian
General Information
Homeworld Europa
Habitat Ancient underwater ruins
Locomotion Swimming
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Territorial
Status Uncommon
Behind the Scenes
Universe Barotrauma

Named for their behavior towards trespassers of ancient alien ruins on Europa, Fractal Guardians are a species of invertebrate lifeform.


Fractal Guardian

The first known variant of Fractal Guardian.


The secondary, more durable variant of Fractal Guardian.

Unlike most other lifeforms on Europa, but just like Humans, Fractal Guardians come in different variations of eachother. As of now, two known variants of Fractal Guardian had been known to exist.

The first known form is a four-segmented, worm-like creature with spike like limbs to propel itself through the water. Each segment on the creature has a small set of holes in close proximity to eachother, though it is unknown what function these serve.

The second variant, considered more durable than its worm-like sibling, is a slower orb-like creature with only two sets of spiked limbs. Its round body is covered in a carapace for protection against both predatory creatures and invaders' weaponry.


Unlike most creatures, they strictly target the main invaders themselves but often don't bother with the vehicles arriving in, many explorers even stating that they ignore the submarines and only wait until after they venture into said ruins to attack. They are solitary, and often only one is found with a ruin, though multiple Fractal Guardians in one place had been reported in past expeditions.

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