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Dispite being uplifed by the Ur-Quan Kzer-za around 17,450 BCE, from explorer ships with out weapons to explorer ships with weapons, the Foon-Foon remain a rather physically and rather weak opponent although more powerful than a shofixti ship the Foon-Foon ship pales in comparison to a Yehat Terminator or a Supox Blade. Thus due to the Foon-Foon's lack of weapons they were subjugated as well as uplifted and upgraded by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za a few hundred years later around or after 17,500 BCE after the Ur-Quan Slave revolt, the Foon-Foon were attacked and were quickly subjugated by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and the Baul.they did not have any weapons so they fell pray to other space powers. eventually the Ur-Quan up-lifted the Foon-Foon and gave them weapons on there Foon-Foon Rebel class ships. they were not very powerful weapons for the Ur-Quan feared they might rebel and also named the class of ship the Rebel as well to remind them of the fact they might rebel some day.

Like the conflict the last time, the Foon-Foon had only the one Overmind, also in the present time they still got only one Overmind device left. This ancient device, Gives the Foon-Foon a electronic drug to their circuits in there Android bodies. This electronic drug gives the Foon-Foon the mild psychic influence that tells them to be peaceful, which had the side-effect that they had virtually no weapons to use against the Baul. There fore over the millennia since the year 17,000 BCE the Foon-Foon only evolved a small blaster cannon on there ship and also a small secondary attack known as the "Light Saber" on there ships. These weak attack make them easy prey by there mechanical cousins the Baul which also came out of the Mother-Ark space craft.

The Foon-foon, Baul and Xen-Weyi Spheres of Influence are entered around the same constellation, yet the Foon-foon Sphere is larger (they tend to be used for exploration much like the Shofixti were for Alliance of Free Stars and as a kind of expansion of  the Ur-Quan-Kzer-Za and later the Baul Sphere of Influence). Over the Thousands of years the Mother-Ark continued to produce Baul and Foon-Foon ships until one day the Baul had explored there local sub section of this local Galactic Quadrant then they eventually moved to our sub section of the local galactic quadrant about 1200 CE. Unfortunately the added strain of having to now build Mrnmhmm ships as well in the 13th century seriously depleted the power core so then the 3 mechanical castes of the a race that Earth Starbase scientists call "The great builders" which even less is known about then the Precursors due to there obscurity and distance from the local region of the local quadrant. Its theorised that either the Faz ,the ancient Foon-Jorn also now the Fjorn were the Great builders due to there relative proximity to the Xen-Weyi's home constellation on the star map. 

The Baul are pointing the giant Moon Cannon on the Foon-foon home planet, more specifically on "Big Mother", whose death all Foon-Foon fear. With this the Foon-Foon are practically taken hostage, and the Baul army is free to leech off the riches of the Foon-foon culture. All the Foon-foon ships patrolling in their Star system have a Baul overseer who supervises the crew's activity. This becomes clear in a conversation with a Foon-Foon captain. They are very limited in their speech: they answer with dry descriptions but the overseer is irritated by long, complicated and meaningful conversations so he quickly takes over the audio and tells the Captain something in the effect of "none of yer business, alien." But still, the Foon-Foon captains can sometimes sneak out more substantial information.

(the sacred nesting ground thing will most definitely change with time)


A Foon-foon resistance movement is planning a rebellion against the Baul. The resistance is located far away from the Foon-foon homeworld. Their HQ is an old, abandoned hierarchy starbase. You can choose to help the rebellion drive away the Baul or help Baul crush the rebellion. If you do neither, the Foon-foon try the rebellion themselves resulting in a catastrophic chain of events where both SoIs disappear.

(A sidenote: The planet that gives gravitational pull to the FF resistance base is also an old slave world: it's still covered by a Slave Shield which can be busted, though the civilisation on the surface destroyed itself long ago. Some information about them is stored on the StarBase, and in fact they are the inventors of the cloaking technology taken by the Ur-Quan who gave it to the Ilwrath relatively a short time ago.)

(It could be that the Foon-foon manufacture a lot of the Bauls' industrial goods, and so if you free them, they could lower the prices of all stuff / provide constant source of RU.)


Let's see. The Baul have installed a gigantic cannon on Foon-foon moon, pointing at the Foon-foon home planet. They don't want to fire it - they would lose their trump card in subjugating the Foon-foon then - but will, if someone threatens to conquer the place. So, if the player just tries to force his way in, things go badly. The player can find a broken small-scale cloaking device from Ilwrath home planet, that could render a planet lander sized thing invisible. This is the means to reach the Foon-foon moon undetected. If it only worked... The truespace Androsynth and the Melnorme are both capable of helping fix the cloaking device. The Androsynth can fix it themselves (if you're friendly with them). Whereas the Melnorme sell you a pricey gizmo which the tech-apt Foon-foon rebels then use to fix the cloaking device. The player then ventures innocently to the moon orbit, is 'scared' by the threats of Baul and leaves, but not after plopping the invisible lander on the planet surface. On the planet surface there are Baul tanks which shoot at the planet lander. Normal shields don't work against the Baul shots. The player has to have the lander weapon upgraded to be able to hurt the tanks. Of course, once on surface and once the tanks start firing upon it, the lander is discovered. What now? Well, the gigantic cannon takes a certain amount of time (say, a 2 minutes) to warm up - an information the player has slyly obtained by acting friendly towards the Baul. During this time the player has to fight it out with the tanks and blow up the cannon.

Either you win or lose the fight the Baul army will move away from Foon-Foon space, to -- having no better idea -- conquer the Baul homeworld, then -- being stupid as they are -- conquer the Lurg. The Baul General will open comms to brag about this wonderful idea. If the Captain has made a deal with the Baul President, he can challenge the General to a duel. Win this duel and the plan changes according to what is said in the Baul article.

If you win the fight the Foon-Foon will take over their own ships and regroup at home (shrink their SoI). They'll let the Baul run, and soon they'll ally with you.

(the resistance might abandon the Ur-Quan Starbase or use it to supply the Captain ... not decided yet)

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