The Foamasi are a sapient, spacefaring species of robust green bipeds with chameleon-like eyes, tridactyl hands and a short tail which sports two thin spikes at the tip. They have been described as reptiles, and are able to thrive in environments plagued by radiation that would be lethal for most humanoids. This might indicate that their homeworld is located in the central region of the galaxy.

Despite being far more robust than the average Human, they have shown the ability to easily conceal themselves in a humanoid suit of average built; implying that their bodies are highly malleable. Like the Mogarians, they aren't naturally capable of speaking Human languages, but can overcome this through the use of communicator devices. Their weapons include the curious cocoon grenade, which instantly renders the subject wrapped in a cocoon-like structure upon detonation.


The Foamasi were once known as a distinctly hostile species. They once launched a devastating attack on the Argolin homeworld, turning it into a desolated radioactive wasteland inhabitable only for the Foamasi themselves. And to add insult to injure, they attempted to legally purchase the planet afterwards. This attack wasn't unprovoked, however, as the Argolins had declared war on them. The Foamasi simply found an extremely efficient way to end it: the entirety of the war officially lasted for 20 minutes. By the 23rd century, Foamasi civilization was united under a single government which keeps a close eye on criminal activities. Nowadays, no private organizations exist within their race.


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