The Flying Spotted Jellyfloat is the smallest known species of Jellyfloat to be discovered on PNF-404. It is the only one that was found above ground during Captain Olimar's Sparklium expedition.


Like its larger relatives, it too has a transparent body that resembles that of a Jellyfish. Its tentacles had shrunk drastically, and a orb-like organ is located at the bottom of the bell that is used to crush smaller creatures. Its yellow antenna are considered, and used as, the creature's eyes.

It is one of the first ones discovered above ground, only in heavily moist environments with heavy rainfall.

It is theorized that this particular species is the "in-between" evolutionary point between the Jellyfloats and the Umbloda, as its orb-like appendage is similar in method to the tongue-like uvulas used in Umbloda species.

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