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Flying rod
General Information
Homeworld Earth (possibly)
Habitat Airborne
Body Type Tubular
Length <1 m
Wingspan <0.5 m
Skin Colors White
Locomotion Flight
Diet Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Sapience Level Unknown
Behavior Harmless
Species Origin Speculative
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

Flying rods, sky rods, air rods or simply rods are a mysterious form of life speculated to exist on Earth, with multiple hypothesis regarding their origins and true nature. Most notably, they are completely invisible to the naked eye, but become perfectly visible when photographed or filmed. The flying rod phenomenon consists of the persistent appearance of these creatures in uncountable films and photography (including digital) of all sources, origins, places and times.


A fairly popular subject in the fields of cryptozoology, UFOlogy and paranormal research, the rods are described as small, elongated airborne creatures which fly by the means of either multiple pairs of small wings (sometimes moving in waves similar to a centipede's legs) or a pair undulating membranes on each side of its body, depending on the description. They exhibit curious behavior, but never directly interact with Humans.

Explanations Edit

Some experiments have suggested that the Flying Rods might be nothing more than an optical illusion, caused by small insects flying in front of a camera (artificats).[1]

References Edit

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