The Flying Basilisks are legendary creatures that Selina summoned from the Legendarium.
Flying Basilisk


The Basilisks lived in the woods of Linphea. They have petrifying powers.

"A long time ago, there are creatures with a petrifying stare living in the woods of Linphea."


The Flying Basilisk is a reptilian creature with scaly and glowing yellow eyes and looks like a dragon. However they have only four limbs, their front limbs being wings as well, unlike the dragons previously seen in Winx Club that have four legs and an additional set of wings on their back. The skin on its back, head and upper parts of its neck, tail and wings is red but it is of a very pale brown color on its belly and the lower part of its tail, neck and wings. Its legs have a brownish red color.


They are able to shoot golden, petrifying, rays from their eyes to anything they stare at, turning their victims to stone. With their wings, they can fly in mid air.


Season 6Edit

In "Bloomix Power", Selina uses the Legendarium to summon these creatures against the Winx. They turn Roy, Nex and a few other fairies to stone. But later Stella and Aisha work together and defeated the Flying Basilisks.


  • The Basilisk is a legendary creature that looks like a snake and has a deadly glance.
  • In the Harry Potter series, the Basilisks are also snakes with deadly stares, though when someone indirectly looked at its eyes it would have a petrifying effect instead (one of these gigantic snakes appears in the book and movie "Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets").
  • The Basilisk's power is similar to the mutant jellyfish that attacked the Winx in The Shimmering Shells and to Medusa from Greek mythology whose stare could turn people into stone.
  • According to the official Winx Club website, the Flying Basilisk is a type of Dragon.
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