Alien Species

Florn Lamproid front view.jpg

Lamproids, also known as Florn Lamproids, were a species of sentient carnivores from the Outer Rim planet Florn. The countless dangers of their homeworld had shaped them into consummate predators: they had well-muscled, serpentine coils that could constrict with deadly force, and mouths that could deliver mortal blows from rings of keen fangs. They employed a venomous stinger at the tip of the tail and a milky venom in their saliva. The Lamproid body was segmented and had six short limbs with clawed pincers. A tiny, wet sensory filament curled from between their fangs to detect scent, and light stalks on their heads sensed a range of the light spectrum beyond that of most species. Some possessed the ability to communicate feelings telepathically, although this was not believed to be a species-wide trait.

Lamproids descended from intestinal parasites that had evolved into independent, intelligent predators. They were primitive by most species' standards, lacking in both art and culture. However, their brains were excellent at solving puzzles. This made them popular prey for unscrupulous hunters.

Members of the species spread beyond their homeworld and proved to be aggressive colonizers. They particularly thrived on jungle and forest planets, although they were known even on desert worlds like Tatooine. Although few galactic citizens knew much about the species and even mistook them for non-sentient pests, some Lamproids adapted to galactic technology and society and plied the starlanes as spacers, soldiers, and smugglers. One such Lamproid was Dice Ibegon, agent of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and lover of Lak Sivrak.