Florauna civilians
General Information
Homeworld Flors Verdance (native)
Height Average 7ft
Locomotion Quintupedal (Original Series)
Quadrupedal (Omniverse)
Normal (Reboot)
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Florauna are a plant-based sapient species originating from the planet Flors Verdance, while some were seen on Xenon.

Appearance Edit

Florauna are plant-based aliens with two, four, or five legs, four-fingered claws, Venus Flytrap-shaped flaps covering their heads and one eye.


Florauna live in large colonies. If any intruders are detected in their colony, they will not stop attacking them until they capture at least one as a sacrifice to the colony's chief. Florauna are protective on their land and will attack any plant or animal.

Pax is a Florauna which acts in a more civilized manner. He wears clothing and an alien rights activist with non-violent tendencies. Though peaceful, he is very stubborn and acts recklessly.

Racial abilities Edit

Sentient vegetation, Florauna possess all the adaptive abilities of the plant life they come into contact with. Florauna can grow any part of their bodies at will, allowing them to stretch their limbs or grow spikes at will (thus making sharp claws).

Florauna have regrowable seeds on their backs that can be used as explosives, knockout grenades, or smoke grenades. Florauna vines are quite strong, being able to hold down a Tetramand long enough to capture a human. Another adaptation Florauna have is that they can merge with plant life, like a tree.


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