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Florauna are a plant-based sapient species originating from the planet Flors Verdance.



Florauna are plant-based aliens with two, four, or five legs, four-fingered claws, Venus Flytrap-shaped flaps covering their heads and one eye on their heads. Some of them have secondary eyes of the same color on each of their shoulders>[1]

Female Florauna have bodies shaped like dresses, larger flytraps, bulb-like hair, and dark lips. They also lack the spikes that their male counterparts have on their arms, legs and chest.

Florauna native to Flors Verdance are colored green at a young age. Around their adult years, they start to turn brown just like Earth plants when they start to wither and die or become very old.


According to Fistrick, Florauna eat through photosynthesis similar to normal Earth plants.


Due to being sapient vegetation, Florauna possess all the adaptive abilities of the plant life they come into contact with. They can alter any part of their bodies, allowing them to stretch their limbs, grow spikes at will, and grow vines to trap other beings.

Florauna have a replenishing supply of seeds on their backs that can be used as weapons or to tame Gracklflints. Different seeds can be made into explosives, release knockout gas, or create smokescreens.

Florauna are quite strong, as they can lift and throw Ekoplektoids using their vines. They can also hold down Tetramands and Transylians with their bare hands.

Florauna possess enhanced durability, being able to crash against a wall without much damage. For Omni-Enhanced Florauna, their natural durability is increased thanks to their rock-like armor.

Florauna can merge with different forms of plant life such as Earth trees.

Florauna are immune to the effects of gases such as a flame retardant.

Florauna are incapable of being hypnotized by other beings; it is possible that they are immune to a Vladat's Corrupturas depending on the willpower of an individual.[2]

Florauna can grow vines, thorns, fruits, and flowers in many different bright colors and variations. These, however, depend on the conditions of their current environment.

Florauna can trap other beings by closing their flytraps.

Due to the alterations Kevin Levin has made to the Antitrix, Thornblade is more powerful than ordinary Florauna. He also has more lethal thorny vines on his back, where an ordinary Florauna would grow their seed pods.

Omni-Enhanced Florauna gain a pair of tentacle-like limbs that are electrically-charged and far more durable than their ordinary vines.


Florauna and their vines are susceptible to getting themselves tangled or overstretched. Said vines are not indestructible, as they can be torn apart if they are pulled too much.

Despite their enhanced strength, Florauna cannot lift anything heavier than a barbell.

As they are plant-based aliens, Floraunas are vulnerable to fire and ice-based attacks.

Florauna can be thrown or lifted by a species with as much strength as a Chimera Sui Generis or a Transylian.

Despite their combat skills, Florauna can easily be defeated by a Revonnahgander with the same power level as Kundo.

Florauna are weak against electricity, such as an Amperi's attacks.

Florauna are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[3]

Culture and society

Florauna live in large colonies. If any intruders are detected in their colony, they will not stop attacking them until they capture at least one as a sacrifice to the colony's chief.[4] Florauna are protective on their land and will attack any intruder, plant or animal.

Pax is a Florauna which acts in a more civilized manner and wears clothing. Though peaceful, he is rather stubborn and reckless.

The Florauna inhabiting Xenon are very savage, lacking any form of intelligence except their hunting instincts.[5]


Florauna have a unique communication system that allows different members of the race to speak to each other.



  • The Omnitrix's Florauna representative is named Wildvine, who first appeared in the original series episode "Camp Fear". Wildvine has appeared in almost every series except Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
    • The reboot version of Kevin 11 has a mutant hybrid equivalent of Wildvine named Thornblade, who first appeared in the episode "King of The Castle".
    • Wildvine has also been used by Ken 10, Albedo, and the Gweniverse Gwen 10.
  • Florauna can dance the Gangnam Style.[2]


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