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[[Category:Races of the Milky Way Galaxy]]
[[Category:Races of the Milky Way Galaxy]]
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[[Category:Regenerating Species]]
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Flora Colossus
General Information
Homeworld Planet X
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Language "I am Groot!"
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe

Flora Colossus are a race of humanoid trees from Planet X.


Flora Colossus look like anthropomorphic trees.

Powers and Abilities

Flora Colossus are extremely strong and durable. They possess chlorokinesis (the power to control plants). They can also change shape and stretch into inhuman shapes, lengths and sizes. When Flora Colossus get killed, a piece of their body can be planted and they are reborn. They are able to regenerate cut of parts of their body.

Notable Flora Colossus

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