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The Flopglopple or scientifically known as Igigi Gyrum Hadahadeba meaning "Six-hundred Vertebrae In The Spine" is a tripedal, vaguely ferret-like sapient creature from the planet Brodo Asogi, so named for resembling a pile of gray, floppy socks.



The body of the Flopglopple is comprised of six hundred vertebrae, with two arms just beneath a small head. At the other end of the body is a set of three short legs which can be used as a single "foot" during fast locomotion, or can be used to grasp their arms in order to climb. Their bodies are also capable of stretching to incredible lengths, in excess of ten times their normal, compressed body length. A Flopglopple may stretch when it wakes up, which can take a considerable amount of time due to the sheer amount of stretching involved.


They are sapient, though nobody knows for sure how intelligent they are (though they are suspected to be very smart), despite being given intelligence tests, because Flopglopples enjoy giving silly answers to intelligence tests.

Flopglopples are noted for being extremely quick, which seemingly contradicts both their name and their floppy appearance. They are however capable of zooming around the planet at speeds which are comparable to a terrestrial automobile.


  • One Flopglopple, simply called that (suggesting Flopglopples either don't have names or else don't reveal them outside the Flopglopple community), followed a Vomestran called E.T. when he returned home after being stranded on Earth. E.T. considered the creature to be fairly annoying, though they eventually became friends.
  • Another Flopglopple appears in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Digital Companion for the Gameboy Color as a digital pet. The Flopglopple can be fed, taken care of, and played with. The Flopglopple shows its characteristic silly behavior, chasing bugs and rolling around.