Alien Species
Universe X-COM
Homeworld Mars
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

Floater is the second sentient race that fight against X-COM during First Alien War. Named after their ability to levitate in air.

Floaters are naturally predatory beasts, primarily soldiers and terror agents of aliens force. Similar to Mutons, Floaters genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced. The lower half of the body and most internal organs are surgically removed, replaced by life support system which taking over the function of heart, lungs and digestive system. This allow Floaters to survive in extremely hostile environments. The implant also contains an anti-gravity unit which enables the creature to float, albeit unsteadily, through the air. The brain is smaller than humans, but the sensory organs are well developed. This suggests that they, like Mutons, are mere slaves of the master races.


dissected Floater

While the ability to fly gives Floaters an advantage in combat, they are just slighly better than the low rank Sectoids when it comes to combat. Although high rank Floaters can be formidable warriors.

Floaters are usually to be found performing scouting or Terror Missions, and are accompanied on the latter by Reapers.