Alien Species
Universe Metroid
Homeworld SR388
Diet Unknown (Possibly lithotrophic)
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Flitts were harmless amoebic amorphs found exclusively on SR388. They have the uncanny ability to seemingly phase in and out of existence: they will appear for a short period of time before concealing themselves, both visually as well as physically. It may be possible that they are in fact simply slipping through the walls they surround in either a defensive tactic or to feed, if they are in fact lithotrophs. However, their amorphous bodies can support weight presumably thanks to a resilient membrane, allowing them to be used as platforms to reach locations one otherwise couldn't reach. Unfortunately, with the apparent destruction of SR388, they are now considered extinct.

A Yameba.

A species that was somewhat similar (although only barely) was witnessed by Samus Aran when she worked to stop the X Parasites from overtaking the Biologic Space Laboratory Research Station, although it is not certain in any way, shape, or form that this X-mimicked species, known as Yamebas, are in fact based on Flitts, and there are actually three other candidates speculated through near-heated debate as to the mimicry origin - Metroids (the least probable), Meboids, and Bangs.