Alien Species

The Fliers (also known as Mantas by the hypernauts) are a species of airborne creatures native to Cloudholm.


The fliers resemble gigantic manta, their bottom sides white and back sides grey covered in bio-luminescent patches. They have a peculiar biological trait, they are incapable of beign scanned by technological means

To stay airborne they feed on lifting gas from volcanic vents. They seem to feed on airborne plankton called Matta.


The manta are inherently kind creatures, they communicate through bio-luminescent patches on their backs. When the Hypernaut Max fell off their ship the mother manta saved her life.

The mother flier was noted as being the most receptive to conversation, and also seemingly the largest in the group. It seems possible that their society is matriarchal in some sense.


The fliers have been hunted by the other sapient species of cloudholm the Hokita for generations, used for food and resources. The Hokita were particularly receptive to the fliers intelligence.

When the Triiad almost discovered their world was inhabited with intelligent life the fliers used their natural abilities to shield the Hokita from detection.


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