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The Flemoids are an evil conglomerate of related, cereal-eating species classed in the genus "Flemoidus" (coined by the inhabitants of planet Ralston. Who, while skilled in science and technology, seem to have a distant grasp on Latin.) from an alternate dimension only known as the "Flemoid Dimension". They are green in color and made entirely out of slime, which causes them to be unaffected by conventional weaponry.


They invaded the territories of the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals after a massive volcanic eruption on Bazoik. Unfortunately for the Flemoids, it was discovered that modified Zorchers were capable of sending them back to their home dimension, and with thanks to the Federation's hero, the invasion on both planets that suffered invasion were pushed back.


They appear to be sentient blobs of green mucus. They all start out as larva, and then grow into their respective species. Their diet consists of cereal and nutritional substances, of which planet Bazoik is quite rich with.

Representative species[]

Name of Flemoid Description
Flemoid Larva Flemoid Larva The immature versions of presumably all of the Flemoid species and subspecies, they are nonetheless equally deadly as their adult counterparts. The Flemoid conglomerate seem unworried about sending their young into battle, possibly eluding to a fast breeding speed in all Flemoid races.
Flemoid Flemoidus Commonus The most common variety of Flemoid around, they are also the weakest, even weaker than the larval stage. Lacking arms or legs, they ooze along and throw slime from their nose, although they cannot throw this very far. While very slow, one should remain cautious around them.
Flemoid Biped Flemoidus Bipedicus The next tier up in the Flemoid hierarchy is given to these bipeds. Having been granted legs and arms, they are much faster and noticeably stronger than the Common Flemoid, and are only slightly less common than their lower-tier cousins. They are the only species of Flemoid who possess legs. They can throw slime from both of their arms as well as their nose, ultimately resulting in a significantly more powerful blast than the Commonus.
Armored Flemoid Armored Flemoidus Bipedicus The best of the best of the Flemoid Bipedicus are given armor to wear to increase their durability. In addition to their natural slime-throwing abilities, they have adapted to also throw a ball of slime over longer distances.
Common Cycloptis Flemoidus Cycloptis Like all other Cycloptis subspecies, this group have no true solid form. Because of this, they are held together by an enclosed metal suit, as the Flemoid conglomerate appreciate their abilities on the battlefield. While incapable of ranged attacks, they have strong claws that deal impressive damage to nearby foes. Their suits make them both very fast and strong.
Flemoid Quadruped Flemoidus Quadrumpus One of the strongest species of Flemoid, they are perhaps one of the most advanced species, wielding four powerful arms. However, despite their obvious strength, they are only on par in terms of durability against Zorchers as an armored Bipedicus.
Super Cycloptis Flemoidus Cycloptis Ultricus The strongest known species of Flemoid, this subspecies of Cycloptis have had their technological armors significantly improved upon. They are more commonly known as the Super Cycloptis.

Notable members[]

  • Flembrane: Commander of the Bazoik invasion.
  • Flemoidus Maximus: Commander of the Chex City invasion.
  • Flemboniation/Flemoidus Abominus


  • The Super Cycloptis were created by the original designer, Charles Jacobi, as a treat to fans for Chex Quest's 10th anniversary. It is the official Cacodemon replacement - as all Flemoid enemies replaced one group of Doom enemies or another. A poll was run for fans to vote on which name should be used, ending in those given above becoming the winners.