General Information
Homeworld Fleeblebrox
Habitat Apparently any
Height Variable
Diet Irkburgles
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Unknown (seem to speak English)
Subspecies/Races Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

The Fleeblebroxians are a race of sapient, semi-amorphous, shape-shifting aliens that hail from planet Fleeblebrox. They are either predators or omnivorous, their favorite snacks being the amoeboid one-eyed creatures known as Irkburgles.


Fleeblebroxian food

Brik and Brak offer Dale some Fleeblebroxian delicacies.

The Fleeblebroxian biological structure and abilities seem somehow reminiscent of those of Changelings, perhaps suggesting a similar chemical composition.

In their natural form, Fleeblebroxians are short, bipedal creatures with a tail, a large mouth, two eyes and simple draconian head crests. Normally, they have no arms to speak of, but they often extend tentacles or true arms out of their "chest" region in order to manipulate objects. They are also able to turn into liquid/slime, increase in size and change their body shape in many other ways. More surprisingly, they can instantly assume the form of any other lifeform in sight. They can also quickly reassemble themselves after a spontaneous explosion. As a matter of fact, Fleeblebroxians state that they are made out of unstable molecules and that they actually enjoy being blown up.

Fleeblebroxians are able to withstand gravity fields twelve times stronger than that of their home planet.


Fleeblebroxian starship

A Fleeblebroxian starship

A spacefaring race, Fleeblebroxians dominate advanced technology such as spacecrafts and weapons capable of destroying a whole planet. They are able to camouflage their vessels in a way similar to how they camouflage themselves using their natural shapeshifting abilities. This makes their ships appear like ordinary objects such as logs or oversized walnuts.

Notes Edit

  • Fleeblebroxians appear in the episode 'Dale Beside Himself' which aired on March 12, 1989.
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