Flask Robonoid

The "Flask Robonoids" are spherical robots that first appeared in "Warp Tour." They assist Peridot, but receive no kindness from her in return. They also appeared in the episodes "On the Run" and "Political Power", having been gathered by the Crystal Gems to prevent them from reactivating and fixing the homeworld warp.


Flask Robonoids are light green orbs that can protrude four cylindrical extensions that act as legs. They have a small blaster that launches a teal warp pad repairing liquid. When the robonoids are destroyed, the liquid spills out of its body.

Plug Robonoids are a noticeably larger variant, around 1.5x Garnet's height. They have seven conical legs instead of four cylindrical ones. They appear more transparent than the smaller ones. They also can also change their shape at will.


A flask robonoid's function is to repair warp pads using a special liquid that they squirt through a small, concealed nozzle. This liquid can be used to attack enemies. They can also compensate for lost legs. Flask Robonoids can also double as Peridot's hand print signature in her absence.


  • They appear to run on an internal power source that can be disabled by Peridot's EMP.
  • A much larger version of them called "Plug Robonoids" first appeared in the episode "Marble Madness."
  • Peridot's Escape Pod greatly resembles a robonoid.
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