General Information
Homeworld Flamryl
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Children of Dust

The Flamrylians are an alien species from the planet Flamryl in the Tro Three Galaxy in the Children of Dust Universe.

Background Edit

The Flamrylians were sold a human male by the Cyrellian, despite their untrustworthy nature. They named the human Quark and place Flamrylian. Quark attempted to prove that he was sentient, showing he was capable of crafting a crude loincloth and even speak some words in Flamrylian, the zookeepers ignored it so as to profit from the human exhibit. The zookeeper Dar alone suspected that humans were sentient but due to his standing his statements were ignored.

Later they bought a second human, who they christen Shara to become a mate for Quark with the intents to breed them. However unbeknownst to the Flamrylians beside Dar, Quark was homosexual and would not mate with Shara who was deaf. Shara however became attracted to Dar and the two soon learned to communicate. Dar learned that her name was Bella and was abducted by the Cyrellians who were exploiting her people.

Dar's superior however caught Dar having sex with Bella and thus had legal means to expel Dar for his perversions. Having nothing to lose Dar broke of confinement and rescued Bella and Quark and escaped to Earth to warn the planet of the Cyrellians' plot.

Biology Edit

The Flamrylians were bipedal and similar to humans. Though an average the human male was slender in build compared to a Flamrylian. In addition a male Flamrylian and had basically the same sexual organs, save a smaller sub-phallus which the males possessed for the purpose of stimulating the female anally as well as vaginally.

Flamrylians didn't have much body hair compared to humans. Their only hair grew on their heads. The most noticeable difference however, was the skin hue. Flamrylians were golden with multi-colored markings on their bodies and faces, denoting their stations.

Culture Edit

  • Gadzoets: Used alone or as a noun or verb in various phrases to express annoyance, contempt, or impatience.
  • Caxiun: A foolish or stupid person.
  • Ewala: A type of animal
  • zaztsh

Appearances Edit

  • The Zoo by Eve Vaughn (2007)
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