The Flakax were an insectile race native to the planet Flax. The Flakax were a society of sexless drones dominated by a queen. A few males were also produced when the female prepared to lay her eggs, to assist in the reproductive process. The huge drones, each nearly as large as a Wookiee, did all the work required by the hive, while the males were simply slaves to the queen. Individual drones were distinguished by the unusual gas duct in their abdomens, which could be used to expel a noxious gas that caused irritation to the eyes and nasal tissues of most humanoid races. The Flakax society was highly developed around the hives in which they lived, with each of the three sexes having a defined role in its maintenance. However, they had no high technology when they were subjugated by the Empire, and were forced to work in mines to obtain metals for the Imperial war machine. During the height of the Swarm War, the Flakax government was targeted by the Colony for a military coup, and in effort to draw the Galactic Alliance into fighting smaller fires and leaving the Utegetu Nebula unguarded. This would allow the Colony to launch its full-scale attack on the Chiss, but the plans of the Colony were discovered by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo.

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