Alien Species

Fizzgigs are a species of small, furry, non-sapient creatures indigenous to the forests of Thra. They're sometimes kept as pets by Gelflings.



Members of this species have the appearance of a small mammal, almost spherical in shape, and often exhibit behavior that is reminiscent of a dog's. Unlike a dog, however, their primary methods of locomotion are either bouncing or curling up and rolling. They are most certainly carnivores, as they have several sets of sharp teeth inside their mouths, similar to an Earth's shark. They can be fiercely protective and loyal to those they regard as friends.


  • Fizzgig originally appeared as a dog-like character from the 1982 movie The Dark Crystal, by Jim Henson. In the 2019 series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, other members of his species were seen, and it was revealed that Fizzgig is also the name of the species, not just the character.
  • In both the original film and the 2019 series, the main Fizzgig character was portrayed by Dave Goelz.