The Firesnout Beetle is a very small species of Lithopod that was discovered during Captain Olimar's Sparklium expedition onto PNF-404, only described once during his exploration.

Description Edit

Firesnout Beetles are beetle-like creatures with a crimson coloration to their skin and shells. Although subterranean in nature, it is unclear if the form is indeed a larval stage or adult stage. If it is the latter, then the Firensout Beetle is by far the smallest species of Lithopod discovered, being the size of a Pikmin or Sheargrub.

As the name implies, they are pyrokinetic in nature and are capable of breathing fire in a manor similar to Blowhogs, namely the Fiery Blowhog. It is possible to conclude that this is an example of convergent evolution, much like the Mockiwis compared to the Bulborbs.

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