Alien Species
Fire Spawn.png
Fire Spawn
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Alinos
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sentient

Fire Spawn are thermophilic silica-based predators indigenous to the planet Alinos, although given the tremendously-likely genetic relation to the cold-acclimated Arctic Spawn, their original species, dubbed as the "Spawn", do not originate from Alinos. They reside in lava pools and will either toss out lava or breathe superheated lava to repel intruders or to capture prey. Likely because of their high core temperature from living within such a hot environment, they will not venture far from their home pit, and it is possible they mostly do so in order to reproduce. Also because of their high core temperature, they are invulnerable to heat-based weaponry, but are incapable of withstanding blasts from cold temperatures for long, and since hitting it in the mouth with such cold gusts or blasts from technological weaponry lowers their core temperature faster than hitting the outside of the body, this is the best way for a sapient adventurer to deal with one.

For unknown reasons (possibly due to their style of predating), Fire Spawn are particularly unfriendly to carbon-based lifeforms.