Filordus UAA

The Filordians were a race of unusual, six-limbed aliens which were native to the planet Filordis. The front pair of limbs was used as strong arms, and the rear pair of limbs was heavily-muscled and used for walking. The middle pair of limbs was very thin, and was used for stabilizing their thick bodies during locomotion. In the galaxy at large, the average Filordian was known to have two desires: to make their homeworld less hostile, and to get away from it as fast as they could. The Filordians were one of three races, along with the Neimoidians and the Caarites, which controlled the Trade Federation during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. However, both the Filordians and the Caarites were unprepared for the Neimoidians' plans to blockade the Naboo System, and decided to break off their relationship with the Trade Federation. Together, the two races form the Metatheran Cartel, and begin making plans to wrest control of Cularin from the Federation if the blockade of Naboo should fail. When the Federation was defeated at Naboo and was faced with the loss of their trade charter, the Metatheran Cartell assumed control of Cularin.

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