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The Fifth element is an engineered sapient humanoid.


Genetically perfect, she has speed, stamina and reflexes that far surpass that of humans. She appears human but with bright orange hair.

Despite being of a small build she is exceptionally strong even being able to bring down a large Mangalore with a single back hand.


The Fifth Element or "supreme Being" is the final component of an ancient super weapon capable of destroying "Evil" when combined with the four element stones (water, fire, wind and earth) apparently hailing from an era "before time was time" she could very well be the oldest living being in the universe.

When the Mondoshawan came for her and the stones in 1914 and then attempted to return with her three hundred years later, the ship they were on was ambushed by Mangalores and destroyed, however a few cells in her right arm survived and she was reconstructed on Earth, at which point the scientist who rebuilt her remarked on how perfect her genetics were stating that she was "engineered". She later escaped the room they were keeping her in by punching her way out though an unbreakable glass container (much to the surprise of the scientists) and then bursting through the wall of the room.

She later meets an ex-military taxi driver whom she later befriends telling him her full name "Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat", (which in Mondoshawan means: Precious Gem of The Earth and Honorable Defender of Light and Life.) he then tells her to use a shorter version, she chooses Leeloo.