Alien Species
Jabitha Hal

The Ferroans were pale-blue skinned humanoids with gold eyes. Most females had white hair but some had traditional black hair. They were from Ferro and had colonized the inner Ferro systems. They were known for their independence, reclusive manner, and for not often leaving their homes. A Ferroan year was equal to 3 standard years. On Zonama Sekot, they celebrated Uniting Day.

They were the colonists of Zonama Sekot and believed in the Potentium. When Luke Skywalker first met them he mistakenly called them Zonamans.

The Ferroans of Zonama Sekot were also very attuned to the idea of a sentient planet, many having grown up very aware of the lifeforces around them. However, they weren't symbiotic to it, as the Yuuzhan Vong were presumed once to be.