The Feralfolk are a species that appear in the CrossGen Universe.


The Feralfolk are blue furred humanoids.


Neine of the Feralfolk became a Sigil-Bearer after being marked by Solusandra. He attracted the attention of Ingara of the First who tricked him in thinking she was the one that gave him his power. Later he allied himself with Ilahn of Cadador to defeat his niece Sephie. He was latter called by Ingara to lead his people to help oust Seahn as leader of House Sinister. The Feralfolk rallied behind Neine, and managed to invade Elysia with Ingara's help. They attacked House Sinister, but all were wiped out save Neine.


  • The First Issue 30 (2003)
  • The First Issue 35 (2003)
  • The First Issue 37 (2003)
  • Meridian Issue 42 (2004)
  • Meridian Issue 43 (2004)
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