Father was a gigantic, many-tentacled sea creature that enveloped entirety on a small water-filled moon.

Physiology Edit

A gigantic sea-creature with tentacles that dominated the planet, Father possessed the ability to absorb knowledg by implanting ite tentacles into its victims. It was essentially a sponge of information.

History Edit

The last surviving Ketrans traveled to Father's moon in search for a habitable world. While conducting a initial survey over the watery surfac of the plaent, the Ketran ship was grabbed by Father, killing all hands save, a Ketran named Toomin.

Father kept Toomin alive as an playmate, forcing him to play games. Father's knowledge was extensive, due to his collective knowledge from many races who had come to the moon. Toomin, at a severe loss, suffered numerous defeats in many of Father's games.

Howver Toomin soon discovered that Father lacked imagination and creativity and used it to his advantage. Eventually, with every win Toomin began to acquire the information of the dead races that Father had accumulated. Finally, when Toomin absorbed every victim of Father, the entity itself was nothing but an empty sponge. Toomin was able to use his knowledge to escape the moon, which was now devoid of all life.

Races Absorbed by the Father Edit

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