Alien Species
"And they say gremlins in the engines is a myth"
―Tom Paris

Fantome's species are an unnamed species of green hued humanoids discovered living inside derelict vessels in a closed area of space known as the Void, where subspace layers conceal the region preventing matter and energy from crossing, save for occasional one-way-only gateways which frequently capture passing starships and drag them within the Void, where they become part of an aggressive community of alien ships constantly fighting for each other's supplies.

Fantome's species has no verbal language and their behavior suggests a semi-sapient race, with intellect analogous to Earth's chimpanzees; although they do seem to have some level of technology, as they clothe themselves and are able to operate alien technology to at least some level. Despite being physically incapable of making sounds, they have a sense of hearing, and appear to enjoy music. They are capable of surviving in vacuum for long periods by storing oxygen reserves within their bodies; and have several orifices on their faces and hands, which likely represent sensory organs of some sort. They also have the physiological ability to somehow refract their own life signs, preventing them from being detected by starship sensors.

Other species in the Void describe them as parasites, as they have the habit of hijacking transports, infiltrating on ships and stealing food. The name Fantome was given by the USS Voyager 's EMH to the first member of this species discovered by Starfleet. The EMH also discovered them to be far more intelligent than they looked, and helped develop a way for the species to communicate based on musical mobile devices.