General Information
Homeworld Terra Fantasme
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dissonance Universe

The Fantasmen are a race of elegant spirtual beings from the parallel world of Terra Fantasme.

Physiology Edit

The Fantasmen are a species that transcended physical form long ago. Fantasmen learned to merge with mortals, a process which became known as Dissonance, that permantely bonded their spirit to a human. The change is both mind and body, giving the host endless knowledge of the spirit and altered forms. The only way for a spirit to return back to Fantasmen was for the host to die.

History Edit

In a desperate attempt to save their kind from its self-destructiveness, the pacifists of the Fantasmen sent out an ambassador to explore the stars and seek out a mortal species that would help bring balance to their society.

For eleven years the ambassador search until arriving to a world called Earth during the Victorian Era. Humanity struck a bargain with the ambassador. In exchange of knowledge and power, humanity would offer its 'virtue'.

A symbiosis was formed, merging both Fantasmen and human, to create Ful-Synchs, stablizing and enriching both societies.

Culture Edit

Despite ascending to a higher existence, the Fantasmen faced a major flaw in their utopian world of Terra Fantasme. Even though they were beings made of pure spirit, they lacked conscience. Their society was ever filled with days of never-ending wars.

Sources Edit

  • Dissonance 001 (2018)
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