General Information
Homeworld Terra Fantasme
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dissonance Universe

The Fantasmen are a race of elegant spirtual beings from the parallel world of Terra Fantasme.

Physiology Edit

The Fantasmen are a species that transcended physical form long ago. Fantasmen learned to merge with mortals, a process which became known as Dissonance, that permantely bonded their spirit to a human. The change is both mind and body, giving the host endless knowledge of the spirit and altered forms. The only way for a spirit to return back to Fantasmen was for the host to die.

History Edit

In a desperate attempt to save their kind from its self-destructiveness, the pacifists of the Fantasmen sent out an ambassador to explore the stars and seek out a mortal species that would help bring balance to their society.

For eleven years the ambassador search until arriving to a world called Earth during the Victorian Era. Humanity struck a bargain with the ambassador. In exchange of knowledge and power, humanity would offer its 'virtue'.

A symbiosis was formed, merging both Fantasmen and human, to create Ful-Synchs, stablizing and enriching both societies.

However unknown to both societies, the leaders of the Fantasmen were using humanity to create warriors in their upcoming war against the angels in Heaven. The deception was revealed by a high-ranking Ful-Synch.

Culture Edit

Despite ascending to a higher existence, the Fantasmen faced a major flaw in their utopian world of Terra Fantasme. Even though they were beings made of pure spirit, they lacked conscience. Their society was ever filled with days of never-ending wars.

Sources Edit

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