Falmer simple
General Information
Homeworld Nirn
Habitat Dwemer Ruins
deep under ground area's
Height Difficult to measure due to crouching.
Sapience Level Non-sapien(currently), Sapient(formally
Behavior Agressive
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Elder Scrolls Universe

Falmer are the remains of the former snow elves race, who where once believed to have been extinct. However, they now live in the underground.

After being hunted to near extinction by the Nords, The Snow elves went to the Dwemer for help. The Dwarves, using the deal to their advantage, tricked the Falmer into losing their sight, and they soon became an almost mindless race that was used as slave labor.

Years later, they rebelled against the Dwember, and launched a bloody war. Dispite the loss of sight, the Falmer had almost super senses, being able to hear and detect things with ease. The war ended when the Dwemer mysteriously vanished.

The Dwemer are scavengers, and produce little of their own. They use Chaurus not only for food, but use its shell to make arms and armor. They have a natural talent for alchemy, and produce poisons to assist in combat.

The Falmer are highly aggressive, attacking any intruders they detect. During the fourth era, they began to to emerge from their underground homes and raid small towns and caravans, killing everybody, or dragging survivors into their holes. The Falmer show no one goal with captives, some people would be tortured or feed to Chaurus, others would be enslaved.

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