"Fae... There an evolutionary off shoot that predate humanity by a few years"
―Lauren explaining the Fae to Bo

Fae is the genus name for the multitude of beings that make up a subspecies that inhabit Earth in the Lost Girl series.


Many Fae are humanoid in appearance allowing them to blend into human society with little difficulty. It is impossible to tell who is Fae without a Fae activating its ability though older Fae can sense their own kind.

Those Fae who can not pass for human are called Under Fae. They either possess characteristics that can not be hidden or are more animal in nature. Such Fae are kept hidden from humans for both human and under Fae protection. Despite this rare glimpses by humans have led to incorporation into human myth. Examples include the Basilisk and the Unicorn.


The early History of the Fae Race is largely unknown though they have existed beside mankind since humanity began. During the Middle Ages the Fae race entered a terrible Civil War that threatened to destroy both human and Fae alike. It was in this war a powerful Fae known as the Blood King who had grown tired of the violence used his reality warping abilities to force a truce between the warring factions.

With a peace established the Fae divided into two distinct clans; the order driven Light and the chaotic and free spirited Dark. Realising the could no longer publicly live among the humans the Fae quietly slipped into the background of human society becoming the stuff of Myth and legend.


The Fae are primarily divided between two main clans; The Light and Dark which are each governed by a counsel of respected Elders. Within each clan there exist many families or tribes of various Fae species. When a Fae child comes of age they must pick which side they will be on; Light or Dark.

Every human community has a Fae subcommunity within in with the territory divided between the Light and the Dark who have a chosen representative as the leader of the community. One important rule is that neither side may cross into the other's territory without permission. There are neutral zones where both tribes can interact freely such as a bar or market.

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