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Ezodar is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from swat-portal.

The greater part of the Ezodars' history is still a great mystery. The first words about them were written in the year 555., by Jobh'av'als who had been exploring planet Hamanash because of its' valuable resources on the north, on the ground of mountain Cherosz. During that time, the Jobh'av'al Empire was well-known by manufacture and trade of their strongest weapon- of semi functional turat-zabhall . Besides that, they were trading with members of different species although it was forbidden in system Core VI.

In the logbook from the year 555., the encounter with the Ezodars was written down: While we were breaking through the womb of Cherosz, we felt like we were entering into the essence of abyss. Darkness swallowed us while we were wandering like frozen blind men, exhaustion took place. We didn't know how much time passed nor did it ever pass. The only life forms in this space were us. We had already lost our way we walked in circles never separated one from another. Suddenly, a purple light appeared to us now we finally saw where we were…and we were not alone. We stood in front of the abyss of a graveyard and there were creatures just stared upon us in silence. All the time.

Without any struggle, the Ezodars decided to go with the Jobh'av'als as their prisoners. Coming to their birth planet Fielhark, the Jobh'av'als sold them to Ganaz Kieleh, the ruler of state Kieleh from the south of Fielhark. Kielehs were well-known by their technological researches, mostly in the field of biogenetics. The complex of the city Lumbas was formed as tetrahedron, situated on the top of the hill Kis'dah'mal. It was built and designed as a structure of systems in which all researches were performed. Spherical inhabitations of all imprisoned species were situated beneath Kis'dah'mal. They used those species as experimental individuals as well as servants. At first, the Ezodars were separated from all the others because of their moody behaviour and causing strange phenomena. During the performing of different experiments, the Kielehs were noticing their extravagant mental abilities- telekinesis, telepathy and telecommand. the Kielehs were teaching them how to use enormous energy through control and discipline. They tested their endurance by forcing them to fight against Zysthers, Nuruans and Sar'duls in the Arena of Death.

The Ezodars quickly learned everything about all the existing species in order to become the deadliest weapon of the entire system Core VI. The Kielehs wanted to use them against the Rigesins, the species who had already taken control over the entire system. No one really knew how they really looked like because they had the rare ability- shape shifting. They had highly a developed technology of shape-shifting and also the power to recreate the whole planet. The Rigesins knew about the Ezodars and, in order to get hold of them, they transformed into Kielehs and invaded Fielhark to kidnap them in 666. They took them to planet Barath and gave them the possibility to learn to master the skills of shape-shifting. They considered the Ezodars as the greatest gift that Universe could offer them and so they saw them as the future of the Rigesins Empire. With the help of the Rigesins, the Ezodars were studying values of nature: how to destroy and recreate its forms as well as how to control its laws. The Ezodars didn't have a highly developed endurance so sometimes the accumulation of powerful energy was deadly. Great circles of time passed and many civilizations vanished within the power of the Rigesins. More and more Ezodars developed higher capacities of mental energy and managed to use the strength of mind whenever they desired. But still they were not free as long as the Rigesins existed. Their will for power was intolerable. The ruin of the Rigesins would be the new beginning and a path towards freedom. With Futhub in charge, they decided to destroy the Rigesins and to become the new rulers of system Core VI. Carefully they planned and waited for the beginning of the Barath'quum, the period of the Rigesins regeneration which took place in the desert Wedonee. After several months in 777., they attacked the exhausted Rigesins and took them into system Grance XII. They left them as a prey to the winged Zysthers on planet Yor'ul'ss. The Ezodars returned back into the system Core VI. and decided to construct the Ezodar Empire in 888. Although Futhub was a ruler of the Empire, they all decided commonly about their future. They wanted to use their knowledge about the species and they were determined to colonize the entire system Core VI. and to discover new areas. Many civilizations were trading with them because of their endless reserves of resources that were of priceless importance for many civilizations. In return they made an agreement with the Ezodars and so their Empire was growing more and more. The Trastirs didn't want to obey their reign so in 999. they were slaughtered and the Ezodars took their colonies called the Gates of Caclar. That area was abounding with different precious minerals. On each conquered territory, the Ezodars built wealthy decorated Zygolls- pointed buildings that were controlling the minds of members of other civilizations, so they secured stability and prosperity of their Empire. The Ezodar Empire, established on control and powerful trade, was on top of their strength during the reign of Bershex II. That ruler created numerous trading systems and advanced military technology which soon became the most dominant in whole universe. Their communication system was improved by creation of the so called hu'qulux- a multidimensional emitter of clear impulse. The first time they installed it, was in 1111. and they tested its successfulness. Thanks to this invention, the Ezodars were able to communicate through different sections of the universe, through canals of different systems and dimensions of time.

In 2222., the Ezodars went to the system Noxsis where the dominate civilization was the Urkalhan. It was a species without material form and therefore it was impossible to defeat them. They had been living in the space of Noxsis and had been controlling its life. They were called the Spectres of the Creator. Their existence never ends. The system Noxsis was the spring of radai-menons, one of the most precious resources. The Rigesins told them about this priceless treasure by which it is possible to expand the universe and create new dimensions, dimensions of Destruction. Having great lust for power, the Ezodars demanded from the Urkalhans to hand over the radai-menons. The guards threw them through a dimension gate into the system Olyn and erased their memories about Noxsis. The Ezodars continued to conquest new domains, always guided by the desire for discovery of new territories and new challenges.

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