Alien Species

Look at the Reflection

The Milky Way marble (Note: Look at the reflection)

This extremely large alien is presumably unknown to Humans, possibly even to the Men in Black (MIB). It is known to own marbles, which have what appear to be galaxies within them; one in particular being the Milky Way. The alien, which has a greenish gelatinous appearance and four digits on each hand with its refection showing its face having three bulbous yellow eyes, is seen playing with some of the marbles before packing them in a bag.


  • This is likely to be the second-largest alien featured in Alien Species Wiki; only being out competed by Yog-Sothoth.
  • Barry Sonnenfeld has confirmed that the galaxies are not actually in the marbles, but a reflection, to put in perspective as Frank had mentioned to K earlier in the film.
  • The original script mentions that what is contained in the marbles are universes, however this was not shown visually.