General Information
Homeworld Earth
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Destiny Universe

The Exos are a race of humanoid machines and one of the playable races in Destiny.

Design Edit

The Exos were made in humanity image, and possess minds and personalities that are no different from their creators. The design of the Exos are so advanced that only a Ghost is able to comprehend their inner workings. Its believed that the Exos were humans that voluntarily chose to have their minds uploaded into machines.

History Edit

The Exos were created during mankind's Golden Age and served as part of their military forces. The exoscience corporation Clovis Bray was responsible for their development. According the the Vanguard Hunter, Cayde-6 he theorize that the Exos were originally humans that sought immortality by having their minds uploaded into new bodies.

During the Collapse, the Exos fell into stasis and upon awakening in the Dark Age were unable to recall any of their prior memoires, though some Exo Guardians were able to make out bits and pieces of their past lives.

Source Edit

  • Destiny (2014)
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