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The Evroniani (singular: Evroniano), a.k.a. the Evrons, are a vicious alien race of strange, anthropomorphic ducks who consume the emotions of their prey.


Physically, the Evroniani superficially resemble anthropomorphic ducks that stand approximately the same height as the average Human. Their skin is naturally purple, while their eyes are a pupiless blue. Their beaks are long and flat, and filled with teeth.

Genetically, they develop from spores, apparently produced by tree-like organisms which form the Evroniano embryos in sack-like spores.



An infant Evroniano and its sack-spore.

When critically injured they may revert to their spore state in an attempt to fully regenerate over time, and may survive floating through deep space in this state.

Although as infants they require physical nourishment as typical animals do, this need is quickly replaced with a more telepathic form of nourishment as they reach adulthood. This new style, which does not require the consumption of physical matter, involves feeding on a victim's emotions. To do this, they must encounter a prey-victim, at which point they will shoot at it with a special hand-held gun, which is built to transfer the target's emotions into the Evroniano. A successful hit will leave the victim utterly mindless and docile. Such drained victims are known as "coolflames", and are distinguishable by the cold, blue-white flame that constantly burns around their head. How this flame takes affect is not understood.

Culture and society[]

Evronian society is extremely hierarchical, militaristic, and merciless. It is governed by a single ruthless, despotic emperor at a time. Under the iron fist of these emperors, however, the Evrons have successfully conquered many systems; the first emperor, Evron, was so powerful, in fact, that he was able to expand his territory so much that he became a threat to the entire universe, and was feared by many.


Evroniani possess hand-held guns which the adults utilize to extract the emotions of their victims telepathically. How this technology works is not well understood.

As for space travel, their spaceships come in two forms: podships, which are used for colonization and presumably evroniforming conquered worlds; and the warships, which are used in combat. These ships are styled in accordance to the Evroniano face, including their long, flat beaks. This may be due to some form of vanity, as this characteristic is seen in most structures and devices utilized by the Evron Empire.

They are also known to have converted their homeplanet, Evron, into a massive spaceship.

Notable members[]

  • Emperor Evron
  • Zotnam
  • Zondag
  • Zoster
  • Zortag
  • Trauma
  • Gorthan
  • Grrodon



  • The Evroniani are the main foes of Paperinik and his allies in the Italian-based comic, Paperinik New Adventures, which is based on Walt Disney's Donald Duck.
  • The Evroniani may have been inspired by the Xenomorphs created by H.R. Giger for the Alien series, as they seem to bear a significant similarity to them; however, the authors have never admitted or denied this as a source of their creation.
  • The characters also resemble the Borg from Star Trek, who also assimilate foreign peoples against their will and integrate them into their collective. A much stronger parody of the Borg appears in Cronaca di un ritorno, the En'Tomek, enemies of both Evronians and humans.