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Evolved Sonorosians are creatures made of living sound waves encased in containment suits from the planet Sonorosia, and the evolved form of Sonorosians.



Like normal Sonorsians, evolved Sonorosians are made of living sound waves and containment suits[1] made of silicon. However, evolved Sonorosians are much taller than their devolved counterparts. Their containment suits are also colored blue with black stripes rather than white and green.

Evolved Sonorosians have 15 deployable speaker-like components, identified as Sonic Disks.

Powers and abilities[]

Like their regular counterparts, evolved Sonorosians can release sonic screams from their mouths capable of harming other beings such as Opticoids, Necrofriggians, Anodites, and Evolved Arachnichimps to the point of incapacitating them.

Technically speaking, an evolved Sonorosian's sonic screams are much more powerful than that of their devolved counterparts, as they can crush military tanks and damage Petrosapiens if projected at the correct frequency.

Evolved Sonorosians can deploy Sonic Disks from their bodies to project ultrasonic blasts similar to their screams that powerful enough to knock out an entity like Ultimate Kevin.

Evolved Sonorosians can create force fields out of sonic waves that are strong enough to contain a blast from a mini-nuclear bomb.

Evolved Sonorosians can fly at fast speeds using their sound waves.

Evolved Sonorosians can survive in extremely hot and cold environments, such as those found on Mikd'lty.

Because their appearances are containment suits, evolved Sonorosians can survive in the vacuum of space.

Evolved Sonorosians retain their ability to generate duplicates of themselves. However, their manner of using this power is executed has been altered; rather than duplicating on their own accord, they must do so using their Sonic Disks.[1]


Due to their containment suits being metallic, evolved Sonorosians are vulnerable to the magnetic powers of a Biot-savartian.

Much like their devolved counterparts, both evolved Sonorosians and their Sonic Disks are vulnerable to electricity, such the attacks of a Gimlinopithecus.

An evolved Sonorosian's Sonic Disks are not very durable, as they can be easily destroyed by either laser blasts or an Anodite's Mana attacks.

Evolved Sonorosians can be suffocated if a large amount of matter, such as Nanochip drones, enters their lungs.

Evolved Sonorosians can be knocked out of the sky by a being as large as a To'kustar.

Like other organic beings, evolved Sonorosians can be banished to another timeline by a Chronosapien.

Notable members[]

  • Ultimate Echo Echo: An Ultimatrix transformation used by Ben Tennyson.
    • Negative Ultimate Echo Echo: An alternate version of Ultimate Echo Echo used by Albedo.
  • Sentient Ultimate Echo Echo: A sentient clone of Ultimate Echo Echo.


  • Ultimate Kevin: 17-year-old Kevin Levin of the Prime Timeline transformed into an amalgamation of every alien available in the Ultimatrix prior to traveling to the Forge of Creation, including Ultimate Echo Echo.[2]



  • In Ultimate Alien, it was stated that evolved Sonorosians were no longer capable of self-duplication.[2] This has been retconned in Omniverse, as they can now self-duplicate using their Sonic Disks.[1]
    • It has also been confirmed that the reason evolved Sonorosians were not seen self-duplicating on-screen during Ultimate Alien was because of a glitch with the original Ultimatrix.[1]
  • Although they are from different universes, an evolved Sonorosian's sonic screams can agonize Klyntar to the point of destabilizing them,[1] presumably at a much faster rate compared to regular Sonorosians.


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