Evolved Necrofriggians are a genderless species of moth-like aliens who are native to the planet Kylmyys and are the evolved form of Necrofriggians.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Evolved Necrofriggians resemble their normal counterparts, but have red skin with black markings and fiery designs on their wings.

Powers and abilities Edit

Like their regular counterparts, evolved Necrofriggians can become intangible, manipulate ice, and fly. However, evolved Necrofriggians are much faster flyers than ordinary Necrofriggians.

Whereas normal Necrofriggians breathe ice, evolved Necfrofriggians breathe "ice flames" comparable to blizzard winds that can instantly turn the air around them into solid ice strong enough to immobilize Detrovites, Piscciss Volanns, tangible Ectonurites, and Pickaxe Aliens.

An evolved Necrofriggian's ice flames are actually plasma beams that consume the heat of whatever they touch before using that energy to burn.[1][2] This form of ice freezes much faster than an ordinary Necrofriggian's ice breath.

By inhaling deeply, evolved Necrofriggians can lower the temperature of the air they breathe in because are sucking the heat out of objects and freezing anything that happens to be in its path.

Evolved Necrofriggians are highly adaptable, being able to breathe underwater and survive in extreme heat, intense cold, and even the vacuum of space.

It is possible that evolved Necrofriggians can create and control cold weather. They may also possess powers similar to Mothra.[3]

Weaknesses Edit

An evolved Necroffriggian's intangibility is consciously used, which means they cannot use this ability while caught off-guard. Similarly, opponents who are also intangible will cancel out each other's intangibility.

Much like their devolved counterparts, evolved Necrofriggians are weak against electricity, such as a Transylian's electric beams.

An evolved Necrofriggian's ice flames cannot immobilize a species that generates heat, such as Pyronites. They are also ineffective against a species that can withstand extreme heat, such as Transylians.

Evolved Necrofriggians can be knocked out of the sky by a being as large as a To'kustar.

Culture and societyEdit

Evolved Necrofriggians speaking using voices that are more gravelly than ordinary Necrofriggians, having a deeper tone behind them.

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