Evolved Methanosians are a floral sapient species from the swamp planet Methanos and the evolved form of Methanosians.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Unlike normal Methanosians, evolved Methanosians are bulky brown anthropomorphic trees with petrified wooden skin, and gooey shells across their body that contain a blue gel-like napalm.

Powers and abilities Edit

Evolved Methanosian can ignite methane in their hands using their napalm to generate blue-colored flames. This fire is about three times hotter than an a regular Methanosian's, as they can dissolve a Petrosapien's shard projectiles and melt through brick walls.

Evolved Methanosians can propel themselves in the air using their flames, as well as breathe underwater.

Evolved Methanosians possess more natural strength and durability than an ordinary Methanosian after their "blossoming". They also possess enhanced reflexes, being able to sneak up on a Chronian.

Evolved Methanosians carry powerful fire bombs on their arms that can he used as weapons. They can also shoot blue methane projectiles that multiply into small blue gas bombs that explode on impact.

Similar to their normal counterparts, evolved Methanosians can generate seeds and vines.

Weaknesses Edit

Much like their devolved counterparts, evolved Methanosians can be harmed by electricity, such as an Amperi's attacks.

Like other organic beings, evolved Methanosians can be aged to dust by the time rays of a Chronosapien or Chronian.

Evolved Methanosians can be knocked backwards by a being as large as a To'kustar.

Evolved Methanosians do not appear to be capable of regeneration. However, it is a trait that natural selection would favor.[1]

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