Evolved Galvan
Ultimate Albedo full
General Information
Homeworld Galvan Prime
Skin Colors Grey
Locomotion None
Diet Insectivores
Sapience Level Sapience
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Evolved Galvans are cybernetically enhanced frog-like aliens from the planet Galvan Prime and the evolved form of Galvans.

Appearance Edit

Evolved Galvans have huge heads, with their brains pushing outwards, and noticeably small limbs. They require hovercrafts to move around, but mainly to support their heads. They also sport a third eye in the middle of their heads.

Abilities Edit

Evolved Galvans can fire a powerful energy beam from their third eye. Their intelligence is enhanced even further, enabling them to predict multiple scenarios and plan for each one.

Weaknesses Edit

Due to the size of their head, evolved Galvans are completely dependent on their hovercraft for supporting themselves.

Evolved Galvans are also vulnerable to gravity-based attacks from a Galilean.

Gallery Edit

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